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Error during install / upgrade of survey tool (CP000793.EXE)

Ayman Altounji
Valued Contributor

Error during install / upgrade of survey tool (CP000793.EXE)


I'm trying to update the Compaq survey tool from v2.08 to v2.36.12.0 (via the CP000793.EXE), but keep getting an error.

1) Run the CP000793.EXE
2) Initial splash screen appears with the install or extract buttons.
3) Click Install
4) An extraction bar appears and goes all the way to the end (100%)
5) I then get an Install shield wizard windows, overlay with a "Compaq Survey Utility" dialog box saying:-
"Setup failed to launch Installation engine"
"Invalid value for registry"
OK button.
6) Click on ok, and the install stops.

Server is running MS Windows NT v4.0 with SP6a, (with the exception of the survey tool) the Compaq Support Paq v1.06 for Windows NT v4.0 is now also installed.

Any information as to what the error means, or where to look in the NT registry(?) would be helpful.

Note: I installed the Compaq Support Paq v1.06 on four other servers last night (850,1850R x2, & a 3000) all with no problems. The update to the survey tool completed without any errors.

Gary Fletcher