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Error expanding RAID 5 partition (clusters)

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Regular Advisor

Error expanding RAID 5 partition (clusters)

Good afternoon. I have a ML110 G9 server with a P440 controller that manages only the data partition, the b140 takes care of the operating system in RAID 1.

Previously I had six 6TB drives in RAID 5, and four days ago I added two more 6TB drives and expanded the RAID. Today the expansion has finished, and from the Windows tool of the disk manager, I tried to expand the volume, but I get the following error:

I've been searching the Internet for this error, and I should change the geometry of the logical volume. Should I do it through this tool?


This is the current configuration:


Thank you very much!

Regular Advisor

Re: Error expanding RAID 5 partition (clusters)

Hello again. This process takes more than 10 hours in progress, and does not progress. Could someone please help me?

Occasional Advisor

Re: Error expanding RAID 5 partition (clusters)

the error message is not in english, i understand the error pointing to cluster at the OS level. the drive expansion is complete at the controller level, hardware level. check with clustoer support. 



HPE Employee

Regular Advisor

Re: Error expanding RAID 5 partition (clusters)

Thanks, I've fixed it, it's been three weeks since the post.