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Event ID 2019

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Event ID 2019

We have had the problem with the Event Id 2019. The source is SRV. The hardware is an Proliant DL360 G3. The server crashed sometimes and I don't know why. The system is an Win2000 Server. Is there something wrong with the raidsystem? Thanks for your reply.

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Re: Event ID 2019

Event ID: 2019
Source: Srv
Description: The server was unable to allocate from the system nonpaged pool because the pool was empty

This can be caused by a memory leak either in an application or this behavior can occur when a TCP/IP process attempts to open a nonexistent or unsupported socket. When this occurs, the NTFS file system may leave unreferenced file control breaks in memory after it gains access to the attribute list, resulting in a memory leak.

Do you have the latest ROM installed:

Do you have the latest network drivers installed:

Let me know if this problem does not clear up?
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David Claypool
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Re: Event ID 2019

This is most assuredly caused by a memory leak. A ROM update will not do anything about the problem--it doesn't run in the Win32 user space.

A memory leak can be caused by any number of software components. It isn't necessarily related to drivers or utilities provided by HP.

One way you could track it down is to download the ProLiant Essentials Workload Management pack and use the free 30-day trial. You can set up each of the running processes into a "resource partition" and track how much each one is using of virtual memory.

Nick Walton
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Re: Event ID 2019

I agree that this is probably a memory leak caused by an application or service running on the server. The server has effectively run out of physical and virtual memory. I had the same issue a few months ago with a Windows 2000 server which is a Domain Controller and runs Exchange 2000 Server with Symantec Mail Security (SMS). The problem seemed to conincide with an intense period of virus-laden emails arriving and being dealt with by SMS. There had been known issues with memory leaks with older versions of the Symantec Event Notification process. Lots of virus events = lots of pieces of memory not given back to the pool.

A reboot will usually get the server back up and running just fine as a fix. In our case we upgraded to SMS 4.5 which has an updated Symantec Event Service. So far, no more of these errors one month later.

It's got two chances - it will either work or it won't!
Pat Flanagan
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Re: Event ID 2019

There appear to be a lot of possible causes per comments on

For additional expert comments:

Go here

Click on the Search Events link at the top of the page. Enter the event id and source in the search box. That will take you to a general description and possible causes page.

On that page, click on the link next to the Details heading, and you'll get all the comments from their gurus on this event id and source.

Good luck with it,
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Re: Event ID 2019

On this server are GFI Mail Security and Essentials installed. You think I must update the GFI software? Thanks for your reply

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