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Expand array on DL360 P408i-a


Expand array on DL360 P408i-a

Hello all,

As the current array gets low on available disk space I want to expand the current array by adding 2 drives.

Server                  HPE ProLiant DL360 gen 10

Drives           6x   HPE 1TB 6G SFF internal drive (655710-B21)

Controller            HPE P408i-a SR Gen 10 raid controller


The complete array is being used by ESXi 7 (free) as a datastore.

I have tried a lot of things but can't find an option to expand the current array / logical drive.

- Run SPP for latest patches and updates

- SSA offline 4.15 ISO boot from system utilities

-  SSA boot ISO from intelligent provisioning

- Maintenance tools for array from intelligent provisioning (if i remember ok).

I see 6 drives assigned to the Array A, I do see the 2 drives I added appear in bay 7 and 8. They are identical to the other 6, only difference is they can be seen by OS and slightly different firmware. I can add them as spare drives to the array but the option to add them to the array is nowhere to be found. I have no smart cache but tried to disable the cache but still no result.

So what am I missing at this point to get the option to expand the array?



Re: Expand array on DL360 P408i-a

Hi Batterij,

Good day to you!

We understand you are unable to expand the array on the server.

Please can you confirm if the following criteria are met? 

Expanding an array:-

You can increase the storage space on an array by adding physical drives. Any drive that you want to add
must meet the following criteria:

• It must be an unassigned drive.
• It must be of the same type as existing drives in the array (for example, SATA or SAS).
• It must have a capacity no less than the capacity of the smallest drive in the array

The above details were obtained from the following link.

HPE Smart Array SR Gen10 Configuration Guide (Page 77)

We see that you have mentioned the two drives you added are visible in the Operating system. Hence please check if the drives you are trying to add to the existing array in order to expand it are in unassigned status. 

Thank You!
I am an HPE Employee

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Re: Expand array on DL360 P408i-a

Hi and thank you for your reply.

The 2 added drives are identical to the 6 already in the RAID  6. Only difference is the firmware version (HPGC / HPG5) and drive use is data vs RAW .

When I check the P408i in ILO it says

1 logical drive RAID 6

2 Uncofigured drive

6 Physical drives

When I check the unconfigured drives there is an erase option but that is postponed till a reboot of the server but for that I have to down the ESXi with all running VM's.