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Expand volume to a different array

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Expand volume to a different array

I have a DL385G1 with a 6i Smart Controller. There are 4 disks, 2 disks in a RAID1 array and 2 disks in a second RAID 1 array. The two logical disks are presented to Windows Server 2003 as C:\ and D:\ and are basic disks.

I want to extend the D:\ partition by adding a third RAID1 array/logical disk.

1. Can I convert the D:\ disk to dynamic disk to create a simple volume and expand the volume onto the unused space on the new array?

2. Can I migrate RAID level from 1 to 0+1 (RAID10) on this controller
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Re: Expand volume to a different array

Hi karski,

1) Yes, you can add another set of drives and make a third logical disk. From Windows disk manager, initialize the disk, then convert to dynamic and build a spanned volume.

2) From this document:
Online RAID Migration is supported for all RAID levels. Since you are only using two physical disks per logical drive I am not sure you will see any benefit going from RAID 1 to RAID 0+1.

Good luck!