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Expanded disk raid, missing space

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Expanded disk raid, missing space


I have an Proliant DL385 G1 with one Smart Array 6400 Controller card.

I have expanded the disk array from 3 to 4 physical disks on a Raid 5 setup. The disk size is 146GB.

Windows explorer is reporting only 273GB as total size ??
I have attached a picture of disk management, it seems correct to me.

What is wrong ?, i have updated the firmware and software of 6400 controller and restarted the server, same problem.

Tested a 3rd party tool (Paragorn disk manager), and it reports the correct disk size of 410.1 GB


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Uwe Zessin
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Re: Expanded disk raid, missing space

The 3rd party tool shows the size of the disk while the Windows explorer shows the size of the file system partition which has not been changed.

When you open the Windows disk management (you have not attached the picture) you should see the partition and some free space after it.

You can make the partition and file system larger with the "Diskpart" utility:

Look for the "extend" command.

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Re: Expanded disk raid, missing space

Yes, we have desided to scrap the Raid array and start over.
Clarete Riana
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Re: Expanded disk raid, missing space

You would not want to scrap the RAID array if you have data on it. As already suggested, once you successfully expand the disk array, you will need to do an extend operation. Expanding merely adds extra disks to the existing array. Extending actually increases the size of your RAID unit.Most array configuration utilities provide a parameter to specify the size with the EXTEND operation.