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Re: Expander Backplane (midplane) operation


Expander Backplane (midplane) operation

I am looking to use the DL380p Gen8 25 bay server for a high I/O project I am currently working on, though I can’t find any good info (and my partner / HP is worthless) on exactly how the “Expander Backplane” works exactly. 



For example, what does it do with the lanes of SAS provided by whatever controller is backing the “Expander Backplane”, is it like the SAS expander where it takes the lanes of SAS and breaks it up in to 3 drive backplanes with each holding 8 drive bays.  I know the new expander backplane models is a switch but is it doing the breaking up the SAS expander is doing, what type of total throughput can I expect. 



I know HP or all manufactures for that matter have technical or almost electrical engineering drawings that explain exactly what I am looking for, though for the life of me I can’t figure out what these drawings are called or where to find them.


Thanks in advance

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Re: Expander Backplane (midplane) operation


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