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Expanding Array SMART 2/P

Ayman Altounji
Valued Contributor

Expanding Array SMART 2/P

I have a NW 4.11 server running with SMART 2/P controller, 3x 4.3 GB HDDs in RAID 5.
Can I use the ACU to expand the Array and create another logical drive without loosing any data? I would like to add an additional 2x 4.3 GB HDDs to the RAID 5 and create another logical drive.
Is there another way for getting this done
Ayman Altounji
Valued Contributor

Re: Expanding Array SMART 2/P

Hello Damian,

There are THREE questions here that you may not have been aware of.

The FIRST is that of the ?hardware? itself, the Smart Array 2/P controller will allow the EXPANSION and operations that you are looking for, it will create an additional LOGICAL drive by default when this created.

SECOND, Novell 4.11 the ?software? will not allow this operation. This is a Netware limitation. So the EXPANSION that you are looking for will not be available under the operating system. The hardware will detect and show all the proper setting and FREE SAPCE, but Netware will either NEVER see the free space created. So you would need to use a product like PARTITION MAJIC for Netware, which is not supported and is not the best option in you situation. This limitation is because of the physical logical volumes that Netware allows.

THIRD, you can use a Smart Start 4.10 or higher CD upon server boot and use the ACU (Array Configuration Utility) or you can stay powered up and under your operating system and use the hardware utility called CPQONLIN. This is the same utility but is run under the LIVE operating system.
NOTE: CPQONLIN can ONLY be run under NetWare 4.x if you are using NWPA (.HAM) support. This utility will not run and provide a NetWare Console message indicating that .DSK are not supported. If you are running the latest Netware support pack and .HAM modules this is the better option as there will be NO server down time, performance my be sluggish but that is a better action plan than being down.

You have only ONE course of action in solving these issues, you will need to create a separate NEW ARRAY with the NEW DRIVES connected to the Smart Array controller (Fully Supported and doable) once this NEW ARRAY has been created you will be able to go under LOAD INSTALL and the STANDARD DISK OPTIONS and properly add the FREE space to the Netware Volumes that you require the extra space within.