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Expanding Array

Mark Livingstone
Occasional Contributor

Expanding Array

Hello All - I need some suggestions.

I have a DL580 G2 with a 5i controller. I have 4x36GB drives in the system in a raid 5 config. Due to disk issues I was asked to install 4x146GB drives in a raid 5 config. I rebuilt my OS put the bare minimum on and then performed a system state restore. Now I am in a infinite reboot loop with windows 2003 sp1.

What is the best way to upgrade the server without loosing the data. Currently I put the old disks back in the server so they system is online.
Oleg Koroz
Honored Contributor

Re: Expanding Array

It's all depend on the tools that you have, acceptance of data loss if something goes wrong and down time that you can afford.
I guess more easily and it requires less knowledge is to upsize your HDD by replacing one at the time.

Check for
Disk Drive Capacity Upgrades
Page 107

Best practice show you need to have latest drivers, ACU and firmware for Array controller and HDD
Miguel Gonzalez Castaño
Occasional Advisor

Re: Expanding Array


I have checked the link and I'd like to do exactly the same thing, substitute a logical drive on a RAID 5 on my DL 380 G3 (I think it is a G3, since it has Pentium III procs).

Currently this logical drive is composed by 3 disks of 36 Gb and I'd like to replace them by 3 ones of 72 Gb.

I have Exchange databases only stored on that data logical drive. I have read that It could take 15 minutes for each 1 Gb of data. Is the case when is in low or high priority?

Where can I get the last updates?


Resolution Gauranteed
Frequent Advisor

Re: Expanding Array


The time taken to rebuild depends on the rebuild priority.
If u give it a High rebuild priority it would take less time coz the prriority would be more compared to other applications however it depends on the applications running and number of clients accessing the server.

Inorder to download the latest updates check the link below

Check for Driver-Storage Controller
Firmware-Storage Controller
Software-System Mgmt.

Simillarly for HP ProLiant DL580 G2 Server, Microsoft Windows Server 2003 check link below

All d best ...
Never become so much of an expert that you stop gaining expertise. View life as a continuous learning experience.
Miguel Gonzalez Castaño
Occasional Advisor

Re: Expanding Array

I got an answer from HP and they say I can do it. However I have a DL380 G1 P1000 256 US. Is this still possible with a G1?


Louis Henninger_1
Regular Advisor

Re: Expanding Array

You can use this procedure on the DL380/G1, it just takes longer, as the SmartArray is 1st generation.