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Expanding an array

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Expanding an array

I have inherited a ML350 server with 2 72GB drives in a mirror.  They're running short on space.  I have acquired a couple more 72GB drives.  Is there an easy way to convert this array to raid 5 with a hot spare, while keeping data intact?  If not, can I extend this mirror out to 2 sets of drives, RAID 0+1 and have it stripe the data automatically from the current array without having to go through a backup and restore?


Thanks in advance!


Re: Expanding an array

Yes, you can do both, and even on-line :)


i will recommend you read the userguide for ACU (Array Configuration Utility).

Also read the HP Smart Array technology brief.


For safety reasons, you must ensure you've got a good abckup, and a good emergency restore plan.

Also, use the System Management Homepage, to check if both old drives are error free.  from SMH select Storage > physical drives, scroll down and check statistics, for both drives, they must be error free.


Also check the quick specs for your smat array controller. If it state that you múst have BBWC for RAID 5 and RAID level migration. Then you must have BBWC on the SA.


Also, if you want to extend the exsisting Logical drive, do find out how to do so, and if it is supportet.


Having ensured the aboave, here's the procedure, in short writing:

 1. install new drives on-line (If you got hotswap drive bay)

 2. Open ACU.

 3. select the ARRAY.

 4. ADD disks to ARRAY (Expand).

 5. Select RAID level migration, if you want to change to RAID 5.

 Once you have done so. You will have extra unused space i the Array.

 Now you can choose to extend (make bigger) the exsisting Logical drive. Or you can create a new logical drive.

 If you extend the Logical drive, your OS will see it as a larger drive, with unpartitioned space.

 If you create a new logical drive, your OS will see a new physical disk.


if you want to stay with RAID 1+0, you can skip step 5. Migration is only to change to another RAID level.


Do study your OS carefully, before making any decistions.







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