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Expanding logical drive using Raid 1

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Expanding logical drive using Raid 1


Server 2008 r2
ProliantDL380 G6

We have 2 physical disks with 2 logical drives on them - each using separate RAID 1.

Logical Drive 1 - C: = OS 

Logical Drive 2 - I: = Data

I would like to remove the I: drive from windows disk management as it is not used, then delete it using the HP Array Confguration Utility, leaving only Logical Drive 1 (C:). 

Then I'd like to expand that Logical Drive, to create 1 large disk - RAID 1 across it.

This sounds a simple task to me, but can I do this without affecting anything?  I can not afford to wipe Logical Drive 1 - C: of any data.

Thanks in advance.



Re: Expanding logical drive using Raid 1

What I understand is, you have created 1 single array (with 2 physical disks) and then made 2 logical drives out of it for OS and Data as you mentioned below.

Logical Drive 1 - C: = OS

Logical Drive 2 - I: = Data

If that is the case. then you can go to HP Array Confguration Utility and delete only the Logical Drive 2 and then select Logical Drive 1 to extend the unused space.

Note: It is always advisable to take valid data backup before you make any changes to the storage sub-system.

IMPORTANT:  There should be a BBWC or FBWC. with cache installed inorder to perform array/logical drive capacity expansion.

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