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Expansion from RAID1 /RAID 1+0

Iain Kirk
Occasional Advisor

Expansion from RAID1 /RAID 1+0



I've searched these forums and also google and can't seem to find the answer I need. 


So basically i have a few upcoming projects where this may help. The question is simple: can i migrate online from a RAID 1 to a RAID 10, and also can I add additional disks to a RAID 10 to expand an array?


Currently I have a dl360p gen 8 with P420i/1gb, moving forward i have other similar hardware setups where i will be doing something similar.


I don't mind reading documentation so if no-one can give me the answer, but can point me in the right direction then that would also help.


Many Thanks.



Iain Kirk
Occasional Advisor

Re: Expansion from RAID1 /RAID 1+0

I forgot to mention, i haven't yet bought the disks to do this.

Respected Contributor

Re: Expansion from RAID1 /RAID 1+0

Yup. With the server and array controller you mentioned, moving from a pair of drives in RAID 1 to 4+ drives in a RAID 1+0 is no problem.

You add the new drives, add them to your existing array and do a RAID migration from 1 to 1+0. You can then do an online expansion of any logical drives in that array so it can use the new space, or create additional logical drives, etc.

Of course if you expand the existing logical drive, you'd also need to grow the partition in the OS or add additional partitions. Easy to do in Windows anyway.