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Extending RAID5 on DL380

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Extending RAID5 on DL380

Hi there.

I Have a RAID5 with 4 Physical Disks (72go each)
We need more space, beacause we have 99% of disk usage.

This is the plan. We have 4 disks of 140go. I would like to replace a 72go disk by a 140go.
Waiting for the RAID5 rebuild and do it again for the 3 other disks.

At the end I will still have the array.

The question is. Could I extend/expand the Array/Logical Volume with the free Space.

I don't know if the hpacucli util on Linux will do What I want.

juan quesada
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Re: Extending RAID5 on DL380

yes you can, you just need to initialize the unallocated space