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Extending the Managed Hybrid Portfolio with the Second Offering in the ProLiant Easy Connect Family

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Extending the Managed Hybrid Portfolio with the Second Offering in the ProLiant Easy Connect Family

Blog written by: Minal Santhosh, HPE Senior Manager for Small and Midsize Business Solutions

                Businesses are confronted with the challenges of adding IT flexibility and agility enabling them to address constantly changing business needs. You need to be able to deliver consistent quality systems across multiple sites and offer enhanced capabilities without increasing the complexity of your already intricate infrastructures. You may be looking to cloud based solutions for scalability and mobility. However, security concerns can make moving to an exclusively cloud IT environment worrisome. What you really need is a solution that can offer you the convenience of the cloud with the security and control of on-premises. But the question remains: can you really achieve on-premises control with the convenience of the clEasyConnect.pngoud? The answer is yes. With Hybrid infrastructure, you get the best of both worlds; the flexibility of the cloud with the regulation of on-premises IT.  

In April 2016, we announced the first product in the HPE ProLiant Easy Connect Family, the ProLiant EC200a Managed Hybrid Server. The EC200a managed hybrid server provides small and midsized businesses, their branch offices and education with a server capable of cloud management with on-premises IT control, and it meets all the IT needs in one simple unique solution. The solution is delivered as a managed service and updated via the cloud in an affordable subscription model.

Small and mid-sized businesses can utilize this solution to provide the organization with enhanced capabilities and flexible deployment options without increased complexity. Remote/Branch offices may have a problem with inconsistent IT which proves difficult to manage multiple systems. The ProLiant Easy Connect managed hybrid servers solve this problem by offering consistent IT service across multiple sites. Educators are less IT savvy as they struggle with offering the latest and greatest learning technology. ProLiant Easy Connect managed hybrid servers allow administrators to adopt advanced learning applications without needing additional IT support on-premises.


HPE has extended the Easy Connect portfolio as a response to feedback received from our partners and customers. We are proud to announce the second product in the Easy Connect Family, the ProLiant Easy Connect ML110 Managed Hybrid Server. The ML110 managed hybrid server functions similarly to the EC200a but equipped with a higher capacity of storage and memory, the ML110 managed hybrid server enables customers to scale on-demand in order to address the needs of more complex workloads and greater amounts of active users per site. 

HPE continuously strives to offer products and solutions to make IT easy, so that you can focus more on your core business. With all these opportunities for use and more, the ProLiant Easy Connect managed hybrid servers are sure to make waves as the newest hybrid IT offerings available today. Plus they achieve the perfect combination of cloud capabilities and on-premises IT without increasing total cost of ownership. What could be better than that?! If you’d like to learn more about how we can help you accelerate your business today, learn more about the ProLiant Easy Connect Portfolio.