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External SCSI Drive not being seen

Ayman Altounji
Valued Contributor

External SCSI Drive not being seen

I have a new DL380 that I am having problems getting to see an external tape drive. I only have the internal SCSI controller, no extra ones. I have internal drives connected to SCSI port 2. I have no extra drives in the middle bays (underneath the CDROM) and I have the cable disconnected from SCSI port 1 on the motherboard. I have a differential tape drive connected to the external SCSI controller and a terminator on the second SCSI port of the tape drive. The internal drives are SCSI ID's 0-3, the autoloading tape drive is set to use SCSI ID's 4 and 5. The internal hard drives are fine. No errors are displayed on bootup. When the Smart Array controller BIOS line pops up, it eventually says 2 logical drives, which is correct, but nothing about the tape drive. When the SmartArray line comes up, I do hear the tape drive making a couple of noises like it's initializing itself, but that's about it. Inside of NT, both SCSI ports appear in the SCSI section, and the internal drives are listed under the SCSI Bus 0 port, but only "COMPAQ SCSI COMMUNICATE" is listed under SCSI Bus 1, which is port 1. I've tried going into Tape Devices and detecting, but nothing ever shows. What else should I test or what am I missing? Thanks.
Ayman Altounji
Valued Contributor

Re: External SCSI Drive not being seen

What model of tape drive is being used? Please provide the Compaq part number for the drive. Does the tape drive show up in the system BIOS with the correct SCSI ID? If not, you have a SCSI cable or SCSI bus termination problem.

See the SCSI cable guidelines for the DL380 at this web address.