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Extract firmware from all servers


Extract firmware from all servers

My manager wishes to create a database of all current firmware levels on all our DL/BL G3/4/5/6/7/8 servers (200+).

We know that some of our HP servers are running on out-of-date firmware but is there a way of extracting which are?



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Re: Extract firmware from all servers

If you have HP SIM running and monitoring all the servers, you can just create a report for all of that.  If you've integrated with the Version Control Repository Manager and have the servers assigned to a baseline, you can also see which servers don't have their baseline firmware installed.

Otherwise you may need to crawl each server and get the info you need using SNMP/WMI/whatever and use some other process to sort and identify which ones aren't up to spec.  You may not need the HP agents installed...the firmware version may be available through the normal OS mibs, but having the agent installed lets you also query other, more detailed info.