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FAN & ILO4 issue: DL380p Gen8 with Dual Xeon 2660 v2

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FAN & ILO4 issue: DL380p Gen8 with Dual Xeon 2660 v2

I'm having a problem with one of my Proliant DL380p's

The ILO4 sometimes reports an ip address but all the time it says its not available and F8 gives up and moves on to the boot order. No response when trying to SSH on the ILO port.

I downloaded the HPE Smart update manager 7.6.2 and it updated all the other components but gave an error on ILO:

Online ROM Flash Engine: FLASH_ILO 4 1.17 (Sep 30 2015)

Error: Make sure hp Lights-Out driver is installed and loaded, also execute the utility as root
return code 7.

I then tried the IP recovery (842496_001_Intelligent_Provisioning_1.63-HPIP163.2016_0720.i192.227) however it said it was unable to communicate with the ILO and gave up.

I don't actually need ILO to work I just want to fix an issue I'm having with the fans, They ramp up to full speed at random intervals. My other proliants are all fine, I even have a DL360p with a broken ILO and those fans are steady.

I've tried restoring BIOS from backup, removing all components, it only has HP branded peripherals, removing all of those still does not fix the fan issue. I've also replaced all the fans.

Ambient temperature is 20c

Has anybody seen this behaviour out in the field? I'm sure the recommended fix for an enterprise environment would be a new system board however this is a home server so I'm wondering if there's any hack I could do to control the fan issue.

I'm running Ubuntu Server 16.04