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FBWC Module

Hello, i have two  HP ProLiant DL380p Gen8 Servers, server-1 domain controller with Active Directory , DNS server , and File services installed and much work  flow goes to server-1 . server-2 is used for local web services. now lately server-1 start making loud noise that all the fans spinning on full speed. i check LED indicators and i see that Health LED is Flashing amber i.e System degraded, so i opened server case and look for other LED indicators on the board (comparing LED with server-2).  so i found that Cache Module is not flashing the same as Cache Module on server-2. so what i did was swap cache module from server-1 to server-2. now server-2 health is flashing amber and server-1 is Solid Green. but the problem is even if server-1 Health LED is normal fan is running at full speed and still too slow to boot up system. is there any reset i should go through after module change (change the battery too) or is there any other things to change. Thanks!


Re: FBWC Module

Hello DNEB,

A faulty cache module could impact the system health, however, it may not related with the fan issue. Since you have already opened the server's case, you may inspect physical fan status. Do all of them, appear, to spin at the same speed? Is server's interior clear of dust?

In addition, I would recommend to consult iLO. Login to iLO & then navigate to Information > System Information > Fans and check for any faulty fans. On the same page you may also consult the Integrated Management Log (IML) for any recent issues.  Another action you can take is to perform a reset to iLO (you will only temporarily lose access to iLO GUI) from Diagnostics > Reset iLO or even a server power cycle (includes removing power cords).

You can also inspect your iLO firmware version, recommended level is at least 2.60 and upgrade if required. If you still have an issue then please do log a case to HPE support team in order to assist you.


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Re: FBWC Module

Hello M_icha, Thanks for your replay,

>> Do all of them, appear, to spin at the same speed? Yes they do, but after changing the cache module, fans started to spin on different speed, but still they spin on same full speed sometimes. 

>> Is server's interior clear of dust? i already did that. blow all the interior parts to get rid of dusts.

 >> Login to iLO & then navigate to Information > System Information > Fans and check for any faulty fans . . .

please view the snapped picture. i could not get Information > System Information >  . . . . .

server ILO page 


Re: FBWC Module


The screenshot shared is of the SMH and not the iLO->System Information as requested. 

The SMH is not pulling out any detailed information regarding the Hardware because the Data Source for the SMH is empty. 

Hence please install the SNMP agents to be able to view the health status of the installed hardware compoents. 


Shruthi (HPE Employee)


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