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Facing problems on ML330 G6

Occasional Contributor

Facing problems on ML330 G6

A while back I got a second hand ML330 to test a few applications on ESX. It's all been good up until recently. It was out of action for a couple of weeks while we were waiting for some drives to arrive. Stuck those in and all of a sudden when the thing is powered up one of the fans goes straight to full speed and stays there.

 Thought it a dodgy fan so pulled off the cover and started swapping fans. Strange thing is both fans work fine when plugged in the fan 2 power socket. Plug either into the fan 3 socket and it ramps to full speed on power up and sits there.


So it seems it's not the fans but something to do with the fan 3 socket. Doesn't seem to be the tempature sensor, normal values are being reported. Looking through the docs I don't see anything else on the board related to the fans. I'm baffled here, anyone have any ideas?