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Failed Cache Module

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Failed Cache Module

I'm having a server with the error "The cache for Smart Array P440ar in Embedded Slot is disabled due to a cable error from the Smart Storage Battery. This will cause restarts intermittently." on the SSA.


However, on iLO, its shows cache module status failed.


Is this an issue with the cache  module or the storage battery?

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Re: Failed Cache Module

Hello @KingTony,

As per your query below steps can be helpful for you to resolve this issue:

Update the Smart Array Firmware to version 6.60, which has been modified to indicate that the smart array cache is "temporarily" disabled if the Smart Storage Battery fails. Follow the steps below to obtain the latest Smart Array firmware:

1. Click the following link:

2.Enter a product name (e.g., "P440ar Controller") in the text search field and wait for a list of products to populate. From the products displayed, identify the desired product and click on the Drivers & software icon to the right of the product.

3.From the Drivers & software dropdown menus on the left side of the page:

-Select the Software Type - (Firmware)
-Select the Software Sub Type - (Storage Controller)

4. Select the latest release of RECOMMENDED * Supplemental Update / Online ROM Flash Component - Smart Array Version 6.60 (or later). Note: To ensure the latest version will be downloaded, click on the Revision History tab to check if a new version of the firmware/driver is available.

5. Click Download.

The excerpt below from HPE SSA illustrates how the Smart Array cache status will be displayed if a Smart Storage Battery fails with Smart Array firmware version 6.60 (or later):

Perform the actions stated in this Resolution to determine if the SSB is faulty. As demonstrated above, a failed SSB may be indicated as a "cable error" when reported by the cache module. If the SSB is faulty, replace the part.

For more information on this issue, please refer to the below link:

Link: Click here to access the page for HPE Smart Storage Battery (SSB) - Smart Array Gen9 Controllers May Indicate a Cache Module Failure.

Thank You!


I am a HPE employee


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Carl Wolfston_2
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Re: Failed Cache Module

I am having this same issue on a DL380 Gen9 and the Smart Array P840 Controller firmware version is at 7.0 .

Does anyone have any recommendations on what I can do to get my cache to work again?

Thank you

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Re: Failed Cache Module

Having the same issue on 7.0 with a P440ar on a DL380 Gen9 as well. Any advice?