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Failed HD/logical drive - mirroring

Barry Neal
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Failed HD/logical drive - mirroring

I'm new to servers and system administration, and don't know a heck of a lot about RAID and Mirroring. There are 2 SCSI drives in this DL320 G3, and I'm assuming that they were mirrored (I'm not the one who set it up). The SCSI ID 0 hard drive failed this week. I ordered a replacement drive and installed it today. I then ran the SmartStart CD, went to the Configure Array area, and re-enabled the failed logical drive. My question is, do I now want to Deploy the server and install an operating system? If the drives were mirrored, will the data from the 2nd drive transfer to the new drive, or is the data gone?
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Re: Failed HD/logical drive - mirroring

If the drives were mirrored then you just have to insert a replacement and the data will be automatically rebuilded on the new drive.