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Failed RAID6 (ADG) after backplane replacement - Smart Array P420i

Jeff Lawrence
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Failed RAID6 (ADG) after backplane replacement - Smart Array P420i

I am running a Smart Array P420i (firmware 8.32) on a ML350p G8 server - using LFF drives.

I have a 40TB Logical drive that was working before I replaced the backplane. I replaced the blackplane because every drive I put into a specific slot, always came up with a failed drive.

After I rebooted, the logical drive showed as failed. I found that I didnt connect a SAS/SATA cable tight enough and SSA showed that i was missing drives 1 and 2.

After I fixed the cable issue and booted back up, it shows all the drives online, but now drives 1 and 2 are marked as spare drives. I have not enabled the logical drive yet with this new configuration. The spares, before the backplane replacement, were in Bays 5 and 12. before all of this, there should be RAID data on drives 1 and 2.

I know that RAID information is stored on the drives... but currently the logical drive is disabled in SSA because I dont like how it is showing drives 1 and 2 as spares.

drives 1 and 2 are on another backplane that I did not replace or remove.

all drives in the cage with the replaced back plane were replaced in the exact order they were original installed in

any thoughts?

UPDATE: the newly installed backplane had an old firmware on it, i got it updated. everything is on version 3.3 (the replacement was at 2.x)

Spare disks location is still Bay 1 and 2 and I dont understand why and not sure if I should "Re-enable Failed Logical Drive"

I have 3 total logical volumes on this P420i and the other 2 are online, with no issues.


Re: Failed RAID6 (ADG) after backplane replacement - Smart Array P420i


In this situation,

I would suggest you have a proper case be logged with HPE, and share the appropriate logs for further analysis..

Because we don't what was the actual configuration.

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