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Failed Rx Path

James Bowlin
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Failed Rx Path

I need more information on the causes of a failed Rx Path. I have several teamed NICs that report this error. I have verified correct vlan configuration on the switch and the cables have passed Cat6 fluke testing.
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Re: Failed Rx Path

Rx is the networking receiving channel,

Disolve the team and test the NICs individualy.

If one of them is not receiving, re-install it, remove it form Device Manager, re-detect and reload the driver.. then test it again..

If still not receiving, download Winsockfix, run it and reboot.. It resets the winsocks settings on the registry.

If after this, the one not receiving packages is not the embedded one, replace it, if it is the embedded one, replace the systemboard or use another PCI NIC if there are ports available..