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Failed System Bios Upgrade

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Failed System Bios Upgrade

I have a DL320 G5P, I downloaded the latest System BIOS Upgrade (W05).  Created the boot CD, booted to the CD and ran the process to flash the ROM.  During the flash process it threw an error, which I didn't write down. :(.


Anyway the system will not POST now, to no suprise.  Monitor will not power on, but the fans do and I hear two quick beeps which repeat.


I've tried throwing dip switch #4 and booting of the CD again, but nothing happens.




Re: Failed System Bios Upgrade



Not sure what that switch#4 does but you should try the switch#6

S6 by default is OFF, turn it ON and then switch on the server.

If lucky you may get a display with some bios error.

Then switch off the server bring S6 to default position and again switch on the server.

S6 when switched On = BIOS will clear CMOS and NVRAM.


Good Luck!

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Re: Failed System Bios Upgrade

Switch #4 is "Override RBSU setting and enable diskette boot", which is what I thought was used for the ROMPaq Disaster Recovery.


Put switch #4 back to normal and turned switch #6 on and powered the system up.  The fans spin up in there "heightened" state, but nothing else happens.  I let it run this way for a few minutes.


So what are my options, replace the motherboard?