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Failed drives ML350 G3


Failed drives ML350 G3

Hi Guys

Anyone had multiply failed drives before...?

We have a ML350 G3 with a 641 RAID Controller.
Two 36gig mirrored drives
Two 72gig mirrored drives
One 36gig drive we use for ghost system snap shots.

This server just crashed yesterday with the two 36gig mirrored pair both reporting they had failed?
Bit odd one would think.

As we fiddled about the other 36gig drive failed too - gulp.

To cut a long story short once we reseated the scsi cable to the scsi cage all the drives came up ok. The operating system data was scrabbled but the disks were working again.
A dodgy cable or scsi cage pcb...????

During the first restore the three 36gig drives failed again.
Another good reseating and squirting of contact cleaner and up they came again.
The restore worked fine this time but we'd be dead keen to hear if these are common failure points....?

Thanks in advance
Mike Nash
Honored Contributor

Re: Failed drives ML350 G3

Hello Mike,

Could be a faulty backplane(cage).
Its better you replace and check.
If you could attach the Array log.