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Failed hard drive in a RAID 5 setup

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Failed hard drive in a RAID 5 setup

We had 1 of our hard drives in our RAID 5 start receiving a Predictive Failure warning via HP's System Management Homepage. The Spare Part Number on the Hard drive is 454274-001 which I ordered. The company we ordered from sent us Part Number 516810-002 which is a 6G version of the one we currently have. I already know I need to upgrade the firmware on it as all of our other drives are using HPD6 and it came with HPD3. Outside of that will I run into any issues using the 516810-002 drive?


Thanks in advance for any help or advice.





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Re: Failed hard drive in a RAID 5 setup

That drive will work fine. you shouldn't have any issue

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Re: Failed hard drive in a RAID 5 setup

As mentioned, the drive should work as long as it's the same size and speed. Sometimes HP would send out a dual-port model to replace a failed single port, and once they sent us a 15K drive to replace a 10K (thanks HP!).

Don't worry about the firmware until you check. The new one might say HPD3 but that might already be the latest one for that particular model. You'll have to check the drive model # once you've installed it and then see what the latest firmware is for it (it will vary based on which particular drive HP put in the carrier... they pull from different sources to keep their supply chain rolling).
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Re: Failed hard drive in a RAID 5 setup

Thanks mcfly5 for the prompt answer.


The new drive is the same size and speed as the old ones waaronb. About the firmwire I didn't even think about it being up-to-date when I was reading what it said on the outside so thanks for pointing that out. I appreciate your response on my question.