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Failed/repaired MSA - unable to reestablish mirror

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Failed/repaired MSA - unable to reestablish mirror

dl360g5 with p800 ctrl connected to 2 msa 50's on separate channels. 6 disks in each, forming mirrored pairs across the msa's ie, msa 1 disk 1 is mirrored to msa 2 disk 1. one of the msa's died. installed new back plane.

mirror has not automatically re-established, all arrays in interim recovery.

I believe this is because the repaired msa is classed as a new one (different box number reported in utils) not the old one.

is it possible to re-number the repaired msa to give it the old box number (and therefore kicking in the mirrors recovery????) - or how do I remove the 'dead' disks from the mirrors and add the 'new' ones (although the disks are exactly the same, just a different address in the repaired msa)

Oracle DB server so trying to have 0 down time.....

Thanks ! ;)

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Re: Failed/repaired MSA - unable to reestablish mirror

This is a critical situation so proceed with caution. Take a look at the attached doc, I had it saved but could not find the original URL so I am attaching it. read the sections about manual failing of the missing MSA50 and the manual recombining of the mirror might help. It is a short doc so read the whole thing. Call HP support as well and take a good backup before proceeding.
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Re: Failed/repaired MSA - unable to reestablish mirror

ok, still no joy.

We have put the box up to the latest firmware (using the firmware CD and then a one off for the P800 for the most recent firmware patch)

still no joy.

also put the original IO card back in the MSA but the box still sees it as BOX 2 not the original numbering of box 1 - and therefore the mirror is still broken :(

hard to believe such a simple problem is unfixable using HP kit :( any ideas anyone?