Failing Disk?

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Failing Disk?


I've got a second-hand ProLiant DL380 G7.

  • With a broken cache connector on the motherboard. So it's running without cache.
  • And to be honest, the big disk aren't HP.
          The 4x 1.2 TB are HP EG1200JEMDA
          The 2x 5 TB are Seagate ST5000LM000-2AN.

It's a server for private use, so budget is important. ;)


Today, the RAID configuration is done as:

Smart Array P410i in Slot 0 (Embedded)

logicaldrive 1 (2.2 TB, RAID 1+0, OK)

      physicaldrive 1I:1:1 (port 1I:box 1:bay 1, SAS, 1200.2 GB, OK)
      physicaldrive 1I:1:2 (port 1I:box 1:bay 2, SAS, 1200.2 GB, OK)
      physicaldrive 1I:1:3 (port 1I:box 1:bay 3, SAS, 1200.2 GB, OK)
      physicaldrive 1I:1:4 (port 1I:box 1:bay 4, SAS, 1200.2 GB, OK)

array B (SATA, Unused Space: 0 MB)

logicaldrive 2 (4.5 TB, RAID 1, Recovering, 0% complete)

      physicaldrive 2I:1:5 (port 2I:box 1:bay 5, SATA, 5000.9 GB, OK)
      physicaldrive 2I:1:6 (port 2I:box 1:bay 6, SATA, 5000.9 GB, Rebuilding)

As you can see, 2I:1:6 has failed.

My worries now are, it's the second time!
I've installed this server some months ago. And the disk in the same bay failed 1 month after.
I thought it was the disk itself, and since it's a new one, I've send it back for warranty. And the disk was replaced directly with a new one.
I've inserted it, but the RAID won't rebuild. After booting without any disk for logical drive 2, booting again with both disk, it started rebuilding. I found this really weird, but hey, it worked.

But now, about 3 months later, exactly the same disk (bay) was this morning in the status failed.
For the moment, we've got a heat-wave over here, and the server isn't in a airco-cooled room. Maybe it's caused by that? But is it very bad luck that it's exactly the same disk? And only that one?

After pulling the disk out, putting it back in, it starts to rebuild... ?


My question now, any idea what's going on? I've lost a bit my faith in this RAID setup.
Is it fe possible to move the disk to another bay without loosing data/RAID setup? This to see if maybe it's the bay itself that has an issue?

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Re: Failing Disk?

Hi Brononius,

I think there is something wrong between the P410i controller/DL380 G7 and your ST5000LM000-2AN disks .

I have experienced in the past some weird behaviours with HP Proliant systems when installing non HP drives; Fans fully spinning. ILO reporting disks overheated (Sensor 29)....

To have a updated system would help. Have both drives the same firmware revision?

Check link below that may help you (if HP delete it, send me a message and I will send it you over)



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Re: Failing Disk?


Thanks for you answer.

The disks I bought are that list. That's the reason why I bought them. 
Before I had some 'normal' disks, but had the fan 100% issue. So found this article, and bought these.

The strange thing for me is that it's the second time an issue with the same slot (already another disk).
So I guess it's more an issue with the slot, the RAID, the...

I was wondering if there's a 'simple' migration solution to move the second disk to another slot without reconfiguring my servers (VM's with several data parts on this LV). 
I'm afraid that I'll need to move all data from different servers (VM) to a new, external disk, remove the virtual disks of the VM's, break down the RAID, move the physical disk, create a new RAID, attach new 'virtual disks' to the VM's, move all data back to the proper servers (VM) ...  The time of moving all data, the risk of misconfigurations, the...