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Fake hard disk frames for Gen8-Gen10?

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Fake hard disk frames for Gen8-Gen10?

We did some experimenting lately... I was wondering if a non-HPE SSD drive would work in a brandnew Gen10 server (DL380). I assembled the drive with the frame that was supplied, plugged it into the server and got a message from SSA: "Not a genuine HP disk drive, the front panel lights will not operate....blah blah" and a yellow warning sign.

I noticed that the supplied frames did not look exactly the same as the original ones and I changed one frame with another I knew was working. And looka there... the problem was gone!
I also noticed that one frame had one of those infamous golden chinese Q.C. (Quality Control) stickers... Do the chinese manufacture fake disk frames?

Has someone else seen disk frames that do not work? I wonder where they come from... Anyone been on the Shenzhen market lately?

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Jimmy Vance

Re: Fake hard disk frames for Gen8-Gen10?

HPE does not offer the hot-plug drive caddies as an option part. Anything you find out in the wild is either a counterfeit, or a used one removed from an HPE spec'd drive.

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