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Re: False CPU Overheat on DL380 G5

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Re: False CPU Overheat on DL380 G5

Any news on this issue?

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Re: False CPU Overheat on DL380 G5



have the same issue  with one (for now, thank god) DL380 G5. Pulling power cords helped only for short while. CPU temp was back to 255C shortly.


Then I upgraded to latest PSP, which is now 8.7 (was on 8.2.5 before that). Still the same, BUT with a difference. As I disabled ASR before (to prevent server restarting),  "restart daemon" finally noticed that and now I can have health monitoring active, without server restarting every 10 minutes. :)


So, HP - what's up? Any reply? My board sensor defective? It probably wont get replaced for free, right. :/

Is anyone from HP actually reading this? As this is forum....



About installing updated HP Health (8.7) from HP's repository (found info on icinga wiki):


## Add repository to apt/sources.list:

deb squeeze/current non-free


## Add package signature key:
wget -O - | apt-key add -


apt-get update
apt-get install hp-health hpacucli


P.S. If running Debian, I do recommend removing old 'hp-health', mine did act up and would not upgrade. :)