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False diagnosis? ML350 G6

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False diagnosis? ML350 G6

Hi there,


I'm confused....


I have mixed diagnostics information about my drives...


ACU, ADU and HP Insight Diagnostics seem to be 3 different tools I can use...


When I run ACU diagnostics, everything seems fine. No error.


ACU Version Diagnostic Module Version INFOMGR Version


But, Array Diagnostic Utility gives me this in the report:

"Logical Drive 2 Consistency Check Failed Critical"


And HP Insight Diagnostics Version gives me:


Physical Hard Drive 5, Serial Number: 3TB04ZB300009942SBWY, Controller Serial Number: 5001438004E7D6E0

Error: 640006: The Read and/or Write HARD error rate is above threshold
Warning: The warranty period for this hard drive may have expired, or may be about to expire. To verify the warranty status of the hard drive, contact the nearest HP support provider (


This on no less than 3 disks!!


I already ordered 3 hdd (can't take any risk!)


But what to believe??


Re: False diagnosis? ML350 G6

Well...looks like everything is fine...ACU (most recent) was giving the correct thing...I installed last ADU and Insight Diag and there is no error anymore...

Case closed I guess ;)