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Fan Issues with a ML570G3

Todd Bailey_1
Occasional Contributor

Fan Issues with a ML570G3

Hi All,

I recently took delivery on this beast and for the most part no problems, with 10 gig memory, 500gb disk and 4 processors, as a single user work station, it runs Windows Server 2008 r2, IIS and Sql Server quite well.

My concern is with regards to fans noise and their constant operation.

1st Question: When I shutdown the machine the psu fans continue to operate, shouldn't they shutdown with the machine? If not I have to pull the mains each time I want to shutdown the machine. Is there anyway to fix this or am I forced to use a power switch on the mains?

2nd question: This beast has 6 fans that run at excessive speeds and generate a lot of noise, it there any settings, bios tweaks or something else I can do to make the machine a bit quieter. I'm currently using sound deadening panels placed around the beast to keep the noise in check but would like a different - better solution. I'm almost tempted to hit newegg and replace the fans with different ones.

Honored Contributor

Re: Fan Issues with a ML570G3

First time with a server? :)

Q1. Possibly not. Some Proliants do keep the PSU fans running, when powered off.

Q2. Latest and greates BIOS / FW and drivers.
It will still be very noisy.

No offence ment but:
Get real.
It's not a laptop
It's not a desktop
It's not a workstation.

It's a server. Its designed to run 24*7, at a high load.
It's supposed to be placed in a air conditioned server room.
Servers are noisy.

Good luck, it's a nice box, don't mess it up :).

Todd Bailey_1
Occasional Contributor

Re: Fan Issues with a ML570G3

In response,

not fist first time with a server, just first time with this particular server.

The machine does have the latest bios and firmware installed.

It's was good server for it's time, but that was 5+ years ago. Today as a single user workstation it sees a lighter workload, but even so, complex database queries utilize it's capabilities.

Thanks for the info on the psu fans running 24x7. The workaround is a remote controlled AC outlet, X-10 for example.

Back when daisy wheel printers were popular, sound covers were used to make then acceptable for an office environment. I guess the same is true in this case.

I checked Newegg and Digikey and not much to choose from in quieter fans. These fans are rated at 250 cfm/5600 rpm and 66.8 db (if I remember the numbers correctly) The closest match would be a 190 cfm @ 5200 rpm and 64 db. Priced at $39 ea and needing 3 or 6 the price of the fans to save a couple of db doesn't justify the cost. What's needed is a more intelligent solution that will adjust the fans speed based on internal temperature
but report to the server board that the fans are still running at their desired speeds.
An interesting electronics project to be sure. For now, I'll stick with the server under a table surrounded by sound deadening panels.

If anyone has better ideas I'd like to hear them...
Honored Contributor

Re: Fan Issues with a ML570G3

Yes the G3 has become old, by now.

I'm 100% sure if the G3 controll the fan speed.
But if it does, it's controlled by the BIOS and the system health driver.
And the controll is based on the internal temp's.

Good luck