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Fan RPMs are quite higher after the new NIC adding


Fan RPMs are quite higher after the new NIC adding

Hi There,

I have posted earlier requesting on how to add the NIC without a cage lift. However, I later took the risk and went down removing the cage, then added the NIC to the server.

Now after about a day, I could see there's a little bit noise increase and the fan RPMs are a bit suspectable. Couldn't remember, I was having same sort of noise but just my instincts says that it had increase gradually. So, to narrow down and check, I went into the vSphere client exploring my ESXi hardward status which showed below; 


Though it says normal, the readings are bit worrying me. Is this RPM reading normal or should I check into something. Also, below is a quick view of my ESXi usage;


Since this is a production server, I haven't really kept my hands on any critical things like going about, updating the core... etc. However, what I have noticed is that the server is utilizing a quite a bit now including the errors which I see frequently reports about disk I/O latency. And when I did a command using hpacucli I have noticed a predictive disk failure. I cannot really think of this being a reason because the server was performing well without any issues few weeks back.