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Fan Solution Not Sufficient

Siddharth Bhosle
Occasional Visitor

Fan Solution Not Sufficient

My HP DL160G5 shows all Fans not found on boot up and ends with Fan Solution Not Sufficient. Is there anything I can do?
Honored Contributor

Re: Fan Solution Not Sufficient

A modern 1U server like DL160G5 produces quite a lot of heat in a tiny space. If the cooling fans do not operate properly, the server will quickly be damaged by overheating. This is why the system monitors the fans and stops the server if there are not enough fans working properly.

Check the fans. Replace any failed fans.

If all the fans are OK, the problem is in the fan monitoring circuitry in the system board. To fix it, the system board must be replaced. If the server is under warranty or hardware support agreement, let HP (or whoever provides your hardware support) handle it.

See the Maintenance and Service Guide for your server:


The system fan replacement procedure information starts from page 76.

Siddharth Bhosle
Occasional Visitor

Re: Fan Solution Not Sufficient

Thanks MK. I have tried fans from other servers and they too give the same result. The fans themselves are working. I too am guessing it is a MB issue. But is there anything I can try to get it started. I am in Ghana with no local support. I am unable to even go to the bios setup.

Tried calling Nigeria, the closest support available but am not able to get through to them. The server in under basic warranty, Onsite Hardware replace warranty.
Prabhu Raj
Frequent Advisor

Re: Fan Solution Not Sufficient

Try updating the BIOS. This might be a false message or it might be a real hardware issue.

A offline diag will through more information on this issue.