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Fan speed High ML370 G3

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Fan speed High ML370 G3

Dear Sir/Madame,

I had a call from my client, complaining that the server system fan changed speed from normal to high.

When I went on site to check the system I found the following:
No HP agents installed
No Windows SNMP installed (a third party SNMP was installed)

My first thought was that since the foundation agents were not installed there was not speed regulation and driver. i disabled the third party SNMP and installed Windows SNMP and installed the PSP 7.2. This installed the agents and latest drivers.
At restart I have noticed that the fan speed changed from ultra high to high speed, when usually the fan speed goes slower to normal ( windows still booting), the speed decreased a bit only.

I also checked on boot up on smart start cd 7.2. Usually the speed decreases while loading the drivers. Again also here the speed decreased only a bit and never reached normal speed.

All 6 fans are running ok with green led. Test done by server diagnostic passed too also temperature sensing.
I also applied latest Bios and firmware to all system using Firmware upgrade cd 7.2, still the system does not report any problems and fan speed is still high and noisy.

What I could not check is from the system management web site. The user forgot the password. Is there a way to reset the password?

What else I can do for the fan speed?

Plz treat this case as urgent.


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Re: Fan speed High ML370 G3


This problem seem to be there and there are some threads discussing about this

please look at this link below


Hope this helps


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Re: Fan speed High ML370 G3


I have checked every thing already as I said above; bios, PSP, HP Insight Managmnet Agent.

The fan don't go to normal speed even on smart start cd, so i guess that there is something else wrong.

what do u think? do u know from where i can change the Insight Manager Password?

Peter Godron
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Re: Fan speed High ML370 G3

Hi Peter,

thanks for your message. thus i have made some tests and for the new smart start 7.2 the insight manager within does not ask for a seperate password. this means that finally the insight manager password is the same as the windows login.

i have also tested an other ML370 and with the smart start cd 7.2 it slow down the fan while loading.
Any one know why the fans are not slowing down?