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Fan speed on Proliant ML370G3

Fa Navarre
Occasional Contributor

Fan speed on Proliant ML370G3

My Proliant ML370G3 is to noisy, I read about I can change fan speed on BIOS, but when I was there and try to do it, a warning message appeared that said it could be dangerous to speed down fan...can I do it? or is better to let it on Speed:Fast???

Michal Kapalka (mikap)
Honored Contributor

Re: Fan speed on Proliant ML370G3


in my opinion server is not a desktop, so it should be in servers room, but i many companies is the server directly placed in the office room.

yes you could do it if your server is not permanently used ( i mean resources CPU 85-100% and agressive IO read/write from disk subsystem )...., and of course if you set the parameters in the bios, you should monitor the server.

If the server find out that the temperature is over some threshold, he will shutdown the server ( it should be ).