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Fans with Amber Lights

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Fans with Amber Lights

Hi, two fans on my system won't enable, their status lights just remain amber. When I swap the fans to other ports they work fine, it's just the two fans that provide cool air to the processors! I say "just" but they're probably the most important and with them not working my system will boot, but only stays up for a couple of minutes befure it shuts down again due to overheating. There probably isn't a way to resolve this easily, I can't think of anything as there's obviously power going to the fans (the amber light is on) but they won't spin (and they do in other ports). Has anyone got any suggestions I can try out to try fix this?


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Re: Fans with Amber Lights

Sounds like the connectors not working like they should. Only way i know of then is to replace the motherboard..