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Fatal ROM Error on Compaq DL360 Server

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John Foley_4
Occasional Visitor

Fatal ROM Error on Compaq DL360 Server

I have a Compaq DL360 that has been running great for a couple years now. Now, the server reboots by itself every so often and displays the following on boot:

FATAL ROM ERROR: The System ROM is not properly programmed.
- Replace the physical ROM part.
- System Halted.

To fix this issue, we flashed the BIOS to the latest version and applied the latest Support pack (Server is running Win2000 SP4). No luck. We then swapped the entire server with another DL360 (by swapping the hard disks), but the problem continues!

What could be causing this issue?
The Windows event logs are of no help, they just report that the last shutdown was unexpected. Insight Manager Agents also don't point to any issues.

Is this a hardware or software/driver issue? Why all of the sudden?

Any help would be much appreciated.
Kai-Uwe Schurig
Valued Contributor

Re: Fatal ROM Error on Compaq DL360 Server

John Foley_4
Occasional Visitor

Re: Fatal ROM Error on Compaq DL360 Server

Thank you Kai-Uwe.

This does seem to be related to power. We swapped the UPS this server was attached to and it hasn't received the FATAL ROM ERROR since. (knock on wood).

Thanks again!