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Faulty NC7770 NICs

Jon Swift
Occasional Advisor

Faulty NC7770 NICs|NC7770+PCI-X+Gigabit+Server+Adapter&source=EL020731_CW01.xml&dt=3&docid=19958

Looks like there are problems with the early revision NC7770 cards

There are problems with then running at 66Mhz rather than 100Mhz, and I've heard of problems with disconnects, incorrectly negociating speeds and parity.

I've got two cards and the differences appear to be:

- one is rev D, new one is rev E
- 3COM/Broadcom chip has been changed from 64353C to 70570W
- several new small chips have appeared
- a jumper to enable/disable EEPROM WRITE function has been added
- part has changed from 284685-002 to 003.
- it appears the timing crystal has been replaced
- main chip under the headsink has been replaced - can't see what it is but it's now got 5 legs, not 3

I've asked HP to replace them but so far no luck. We really need to work at 100Mhz, and we paid for them to work correctly at gigabit speeds. We might try sending ours back to our supplier for replacement.