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Fax Card Support


Fax Card Support

We have a fax card with below specs, we want to know whether ML150 G3 supports it or no, also generally how can i know which servers may support this card? Plz note card's size!
Check Attached.
Brooktrout Fax Card
Physical: Full-size 4.2"x12.283"
Server Bus: PCI 33 MHz PCI 2.2 (3.3/5v signaling); PCIe x4 lane PCIe 1.0a

Power: PCI: 17W max; PCIe 8W

CPU: PCI: PowerPC 8240@200MHz; PCIe PowerPC 8247@300MHz

DSPs: PCI: 6 T1 C549 (600 MIPS total); PCIe 1 TMS 320VC5441 (532 MIPS)

Network interface: One T1/E1 interface(RJ48C), DSX-1 (requires CSU)

Ethernet interface: 110/100 MB interface

Signalingâ ISDN PRI: N.A., Euro ISDNâ T1 CAS: RBS E&M (wink and immediate)â E1 CAS: Configurable MFC R2 supportâ SIP (RFC 3261)â H.323 (version 4)

Media channels: Up to 30 V.34 fax and voice

Telephony Bus: PCI: ECTF H.100; MVIP-90, and SCbus (via bus adapter); PCIe ECTF H.100