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Find server serial numbers

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Find server serial numbers

I have 2 servers here that I need to find serial numbers for, but they are not on a sticker on the server. One is a Compaq DL 380, and the other is a Compaq ML 530. These are the only two that we seem to have lost the serial numbers to. Is there a way that we can get the serial numbers from the machine using a script etc.?

Joseph Loo
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Re: Find server serial numbers


do u happen to have survey utility from Smartstart? If you have that, run it and a text file with all the hardware and software info should be located in c:\compaq\survey\survey.txt.

not too sure what your OS is but for windows 2k and 2003, u may download the utility from:

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Jerry Lakin
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Re: Find server serial numbers

Press F10 when booting and the serial number should be viewable in the BIOS setup screen.
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Re: Find server serial numbers

Dont know about the script, but if it is a windows machine, go to the prompt and type WMIC BIOS GET SERIALNUMBER


Goutham Sabala

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