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Firmware Downgrade

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Firmware Downgrade


Looking for some help in downgrading firmware for CNA 551i card on 385 G7 server from 4.9.416.15 to 4.9.416.2. 

I know the above are pretty old, but these are what are running fine on other servers, and this is what VMWARE has recommended us to downgrade to. 

I have tried downgrading using SUM/SPP from 2014.04 and using the force option via GUI, but it gives an error message stating "error 3 - no operation was done" 

The same error message is received if I do it from CLI.  

Present installed drivers are  > elxnet driver version



Re: Firmware Downgrade


DL385 G7 does not come with 551i NIC card.

DL385 G7 comes with two HP NC382i Dual Port Multifunction Gigabit Server Adapters (four ports total)

Please refer below quicks spec


Even I cannot see NC551i as a supported NIC for DL385 G7 server. (Refer above quickspec)

May be you might have miss spelt the server model name .Or you might be using wrong configuration .


Anyway, I can provide you firmware download link for NC551i .

Since online method is failing while updating firmware . I am sharing  offline method.


This is an iso image which you can use to update the firmware in offline method.


OFFLINE Firmware image (.iso) for HP Emulex Converged Network Adapters and Network Adapters

Firmware Version 4.9.416.2



Please plan a downtime. Also please make sure you had taken a valid data backup.


In case if you need further support, please log a support ticket with HPE.

Thank You!
I am an HPE employee
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