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Firmware Versions?

Bradley Heiple
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Firmware Versions?

Here is an easy one.

How do I check the current firmware versions on
an ML370 G5?

I want to check:
BIOS version
P400i SmartArray firmware
any HDD firmware

Any other firmware I might have missed in the above list.

I think this should be simple, but I can't seem to find it... :(
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Re: Firmware Versions?


this is probably the wrong forum - next time use the servers forum ;-)

I would download the smartstart firmware cd, from from it and let the system check and update if needed:

Hope this helps!

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Bradley Heiple
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Re: Firmware Versions?

Thanx Torsten,

Sorry about the wrong forum. I'm still new at this forum business.

I've found the Firmware CD, but I need to be able to check the version manually (my boss won't trust 'automatic' software).

Will the Firmware CD show me what version I currently have?

Or can I find it in one of the consoles?
melvyn burnard
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Re: Firmware Versions?

posted in wrong forum, moved to more appropriate forum
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Igor Karasik
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Re: Firmware Versions?

Assuming you already have Proliant support pack installed (PSP contains drivers/monitoring tools - you can find windows 2003 version here: )
you can check firmware versions from HP System Management Homepage.
For ILO firmware - go to Management Processor-> Integrated Lights-Out
For BIOS - go to System->System board
For P400 and SAS drives firmware go to Storage->SmartArray controller

>>Any other firmware I might have missed in the above list
You can check firmware of ILO as well.

If you have many Proliant servers you can use HP Systems Insight Manager
With HP SIM you can create report contain firmware versions on all your servers