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Firmware and custom PSP installs

Kerry Quillen
Regular Advisor

Firmware and custom PSP installs

Been trying to develop a method to deploy PSP's and firmware to our Windows servers and think we have come up with a plan that works.  Just want some validation from folks with more know-how than me to see if there is a better way.  We have around 700 Proliants running various versions of Windows 2003 and 2008.  Or plan is to update all servers every 6 months.  Critical updates will be dealt with as needed.   What we did was:

1.  Starting with PSP 8.70, created a custom baseline for each version of windows.  The primary change to the PSP's that was made was to remove the nic drivers and nic teaming utility because we've had too many issues with them in the past.  We also added the WBEM driver

2.  Using RDP, create a job that:

     a) runs, from our VCRM repo, "hpsum.exe /s /f /romonly".  This should get all of the latest firmware.

     b) runs  "hpsum.exe /s /f /allow_update_to_bundle bundle1.xml bundle2.xml bundle3.xml"

     c) executes a reboot


My understanding is that adding 'bundle1.xml bundle2.xml bundle3.xml' (one for each OS) and so on to that line will allow hpsum to select and install the one that fits.  This was done so that we would not have to create a seperate job for each OS version.   And allow_update_to_bundle will install a later version of any component if it exists.


Sound like we are on the right track or is there an easier way.  Thanks in advance