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Firmware or PSP update first? (Best practise?)

J Duncan
Occasional Contributor

Firmware or PSP update first? (Best practise?)


I'm looking to update the firmware on an integrated 6i controller in a DL360 G4p.

I am trying to find information on best pratise to follow when doing this?

I'd like to bring the controller\server up to the latest versions available. There are 5 later firmware updates and 15 later PSPs.

I have looked and searched around the HP site. I have found and read the HP guidance not to update PSPs by more than 3 versions at a time. Also found and read the document "Regular Firmware Updates Essential for Optimal Performance and Functionality of HP ProLiant Servers".

However I am still unsure about:
* Whether to update firmware before or after the PSP updates.
* Whether I need to do all the firmware upgrades, or just jump to the latest.
* Whether I need to upgrade PSP and firmware alternately so that they are of similar date of release (I understand this might be good practise?)
* Whether it is safe to upgrade server to latest PSP which is released 2 years later than latest firmware for this controller.

Thanking you in advance for any comments or advice,

Jan Soska
Honored Contributor

Re: Firmware or PSP update first? (Best practise?)

Hmm, try to update server often.. :)

ok, my sugestion - I you have raid1 sytem disk, shutdown the server, pull out 1 drive, boot to OS, run firmware, then psp/drives, then reboot. Test everything, of OK, ressed the drive and let it rebuild. If something is wrong - switch the drives and boot to previous state and rebuild array again and try whole procedure from the beginning with "light changes" ....

Frequent Advisor

Re: Firmware or PSP update first? (Best practise?)

From experience, I've updated firmware (to the latest availble - even several rev's newer) at the same time the drv is updated. Dont upgrade the drv before the firmware (I've seen BSOD's in that senario). Rem. you can customize any PSP to include newer drv's or firmware updates.