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Firmware update and backup system ROM

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Firmware update and backup system ROM

I have some Proliant DL380 Gen9 servers and ended up installing the P89 v2.54 firmware before it was pulled off the support site. Everything has been working OK, however now that I am planning the upgrade to the newest released firmware I am wondering about the backup system ROM. Since the last stable version is considered to be P89 v2.52 is there a way for me to have that remain my backup system ROM during the Firmware flash process, or will it be fine to let the process replace that with v2.54? I have never had to boot to redundant ROM, but if the need ever did arise I would hate to boot to a potentially unstable release.

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Re: Firmware update and backup system ROM

Install the new BIOS 2.56, reboot and install it again, so you have the same new version in both ROMs.

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