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Flashing RED System Health LED ML110 G7


Flashing RED System Health LED ML110 G7

Hello every one ;

I have a problem with my server when i reboot it the LED System Health is Flashing Red ; and server block at this state until press a power button to shutdown it or a could restart

they are any solutions to this Issue

thanks for alll

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Re: Flashing RED System Health LED ML110 G7

A red System Health LED indicates a critical problem in the system.

If the system has the iLO option installed, you could use the iLO even if the server is shut down, as long as power is still connected to the server and the iLO network connection is usable.

Within the iLO web GUI, you could read the Integrated Management Log to get more information about the problem, then work towards fixing it as appropriate.

If the system has no iLO or it is not usable, you should read the Proliant Server Troubleshooting Guide:

The troubleshooting flowcharts start from page 24.

On page 26, in the introduction for "Power-on Problems Flowchart", it says:

•The server does not power on.
•The system power LED is off or amber.
•The system health LED is red, flashing red, amber, or flashing amber.
Possible causes:
•Improperly seated or faulty power supply
•Loose or faulty power cord
•Power source problem
•Improperly seated component or interlock problem

The actual Power-On Problems flowchart on page 27 goes into more detail. Click on underlined words in the flowchart to get more detailed instructions on testing each item.

Another useful document is the Maintenance and Service Guide for your specific server model. Here's the one for ML110 G7:


Re: Flashing RED System Health LED ML110 G7

Hi ;

Thanks for your replay , my one issue with server is not to start a server but it is on reboot (on the system or at bios), also the LED Power supply is only in green and i have an other LED system board amber CR12R37

I have checked every doc of troubleshooting but my issue is not present at there

Also they are no event at the LOG of ILO apart that the Network cards is down


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Re: Flashing RED System Health LED ML110 G7


NACIM, did you solved it? I also have the LED Power supply in green and i have an other LED system board amber CR12R37, the server boots up, but it restart after HP Proliant post screen or the second after iLo3 to configure press F8, my keyboard is locked, when I press any key it makes a "denial" beep.