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Flexible Slot Power SupplyのFirmwareアップデート方法について

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Flexible Slot Power SupplyのFirmwareアップデート方法について


vSphere環境でFlexible Slot Power SupplyのFirmwareをアップデートするにはどのようにしたら良いでしょうか。

ドライバおよびソフトウェアのページには、LinuxかWindows OS に対応しているものしかありません。



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We become indebted to.

How do I update the Flexible Slot Power Supply Firmware in a vSphere environment?

The drivers and software pages are only compatible with Linux or Windows OS.

I would appreciate it if anyone could teach me.

I look forward to working with you.

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Re: Flexible Slot Power SupplyのFirmwareアップデート方法について

One way is use hpe spp iso file and make sure least version include fw your want to upgrade , and load it to iLO virutal CD-rom ,reboot server and use iLo CD-rom to boot up,. it have GUI to update all hpe server firmware and card firmware.

other way install a linux OS like ubuntu to a ssd device, connect it to your HPE server motherboard sata port , use to boot up you server for system fw upgrade.


Re: Flexible Slot Power SupplyのFirmwareアップデート方法について

Hi ,

please try below steps.

1)Download the windows or Linux firmware component's from HPE Website
2)Save and extract the firmware in to your machine/folder
3)Login to server ILO from your machine /laptop and Click Firmware & OS Software in the navigation tree, 
4)Click on ILO update firmware 
5)select the local file option and brows the firmware file where you extracted and saved the firmware .
6)Select the .HPb file (for example 05_800LH_7B07_2out.hex.HPb) and click on flash
7)Once completed the firmware update ,reboot the server and verify.

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