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Floppy drive

Arend Beekhuis
Occasional Contributor

Floppy drive

After installation of NT4sp6 on a DL360g3 server there are 2 floppy drives available in Windows Explorer. (A:\ & B:\)
Only A:\ is working.
There's is only one floppydrive phyisical available in this server.
When I disable the "Integrated Floppy Drive" setting in the BIOS, no flopp[y drive is available in Explorer.
With Windisk.exe both drive letters (A:& B:)aren't visible.
Does anyone know what could cause this problem?
Sunil Jerath
Honored Contributor

Re: Floppy drive

Hello Arend,
You need to disable VIRTUAL FLOPPY in the BIOS to overcome this problem.