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Free space on raid 1

Occasional Contributor

Free space on raid 1


I changed for now one drive on a Raid 1 array.
I installed a 136Gb instead of a 72Gb.
After a restart the array bios asked me for automatic recovery that i did.
But now I am not able to create a partition with the free space.
I have thought that the bios would have built a partition for the raid 1 and let me do what I want with the free space?
What can I do now?
Many thanks for your help
Prabhu Raj
Frequent Advisor

Re: Free space on raid 1

I dont think it would be possible to use the free space. by your question it is taken that you have created a RAID 1 with 2 72 GB HDD. Now you replaced 1 72 GB HDD with 1 136 GB HDD. Now the Server will take the 136 GB HDD ad 72 GB only and start rebuild.

It is not possible to use the free space.
Rob Leadbeater
Honored Contributor

Re: Free space on raid 1

Hi yannick,

If I've read this correctly, you've now got a RAID-1 mirror consisting of one 72GB drive and one 136GB drive.

If that is the case, then no you won't be able to use the extra space... There's nowhere to mirror it to.

If you exchange the other 72GB for a matching 136GB drive, you might be able to...


Occasional Contributor

Re: Free space on raid 1

thank you for you answers.

I changed the second drive to also a 136Gb.

I can see the free space in the ACU.

I would have thought that I could create another partition with the free space without any mirroring but apparently no.

Thank you